NFPE call for closure of Post Offices and RMS Offices throughout the country

New Delhi, 24th March: The National Federation of Postal Employees of Darjeeling Division, on Tuesday, submitted a memorandum to the Secretary of Department of Posts demanding the closure of post offices and RMS offices as a preventive measure to contain the spread of COVID-19.

The letter stated that there is no relevancy in running the Post offices, when there is complete close down and arresting of movement. It further mentioned that the offices cannot book, receive or transmit any mail. Except for withdrawal of money from Savings account, there is no need of the POs to open for public, for that Head Post Offices at the Head Quarter may function with skeleton staff. NFPE stated that there is no logic to open the delivery post offices when there is no receipt of mails due to disruptions of transport facilities. There is no meaning at all to open the RMS and sorting offices.

The NFPE demanded the complete closure of all Post offices throughout the country, till the government announces normalcy for any free day to day activities. They further maintained that the move is for the safety of the Nation as well as officials who are working under the grip of fear when the government is insisting to maintain social distance. The NFPE accused the Department of not being able to provide minimum safety measures to the staff and also to the public attending the POs. And stressed that the whole family of the employees are in distress tension and agony.

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