NF Railway's GM Sanjiv Roy inspects Aluabari Road Junction railway station

Islampur, 13th January: During an inspection of Islampur's Aluabari Road Junction railway station on Monday, Sanjiv Roy, the General Manager of the Northeast Frontier Railway, stated that an inspection is conducted so that all the departments of the Railways work together and provide better facilities to the passengers. On the other hand, the GM agreed that the Aluabari Road Junction railway station should have more passenger facilities and stoppages for superfast and express trains. He stated that he would consider it and inform the Railway Board about the matter.

Regarding the change in the name of the Aluabari Road Junction railway station to Islampur Junction or Islampur Town, the GM stated that the Railway Board can change the name of a station only if a proposal of name change of a station is issued to the Board by the State Government, but, the Railway Board cannot change the name of a station without permission. That is why, if the organization demands the change of name from the State Government and a proposal to change the name is issued, then it can be done.

It was reported that memorandums were handed over by the Trinamool Congress demanding stoppages for superfast and express trains, traveling to South India, Delhi, Mumbai, Patna, at Alwar Junction railway station. In this context, Kanhaiya Lal Agarwal, the District President of Trinamool Congress and Chairman of Islampur Municipality stated that they have put forth their demands before the GM. He further stated that GM has assured to fulfill the demands after considering them.

Meanwhile, the Islampur Area Committee of CPM has also put forth various demands including the construction of an underpass or overbridge at Shantinagar in Islampur and providing morning trains to Raiganj.

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