Newly appointed Siliguri Police Commissioner C. Sudhakar assumes office

Siliguri, 13th September: Siliguri’s newly appointed Police Commissioner, C. Sudhakar, officially took charge today. In his initial statement, he emphasized that his top priority is to ensure a peaceful and secure environment during the upcoming festive season. His appointment was marked by a warm welcome from officials, including the DCP, ACP of Siliguri Metropolitan, and ICs of various police stations, who greeted him with bouquets.

This transition in leadership ensued as part of a reshuffle in the state police department, with IPS officers being reassigned to various positions. The former Siliguri Metropolitan Police Commissioner, Akhilesh Kumar Chaturvedi, was transferred to the role of IG of Jalpaiguri Range, having served as Police Commissioner for approximately a year. Concurrently, DIG of Jalpaiguri Range, C. Sudhakar, assumed the mantle of Police Commissioner in Siliguri, ushering in a new era of leadership in the city.

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