New Traffic Rules imposed in Siliguri along with the entire state

Siliguri, 27 January: The West Bengal government has increased the penalty as per the Motor Vehicles Act. It is to be noted, in the year 2019, the centre had increased the penalty fees, but the West Bengal government considering the ‘difficulties faced by common man’ decided not to increase the penalties.

After the notification, the new traffic rules have been enforced in the entire state since morning, as well as, at different traffic points in Siliguri.

According to the new set of rules, the penalty for no helmet on is ₹1,000 which was Rs 100 before. Similarly, negligent driving will now carry the penalty of ₹ 5,000. The vehicle not having any valid registration certificate will be fined ₹ 5,000. Not having a Certificate of Fitness will be fined ₹ 10,000. Likewise, ₹ 10,000 for not having any permit and no suitable driving license will be fined ₹ 5,000.

11 thoughts on “New Traffic Rules imposed in Siliguri along with the entire state

  1. Sujit Saraf says:

    This level of fines are unexpected from our beloved Cm Mamta Banerjee. Why only public is fined for even small things, why not PWD is fined for broken roads, uncleaned drains. Municipal corporation be fined for even a smallest mistake in their duties.

  2. Ivan Prashant Tigga says:

    On 19th January while returning back from Siliguri i accidentally broke the traffic signal. I did not see that light was red as such the signal post was very high + it was hidden with the leaves of the trees. Another off duty police woman broke the traffic rule too. The traffic police of that post stopped me but did not stop that police woman. Isn’t the traffic rule same for everybody? They said they would make a challan but later they settled it with cash unofficially. I know their names but i won’t take it. The government should look into this matter too.

  3. Ishwar says:

    As a responsible citizen of the country, we must follow the traffic rules and the defaulters must be held accountable as per laws. Cops if found taking money from the defaulters must be punished appropriately as well. However, the traffic conditions are pathetic almost everywhere & the state Govt. has done too little to improve road condition. May I know who on earth should be held accountable for this ?

  4. Sudesh says:

    Government is rich give police sufficient salary..they tend to bribe from public in the form of charge…
    Impose trafic laws and punishments don’t collect money…that money cannot change traffic violators but laws and punishments can…
    Gov it self after money..
    Thats how country develops..

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