New committee formed to monitor various markets in Siliguri

Siliguri, 12th June: Darjeeling District Magistrate S. Ponnambalam, on Thursday, announced that the fish market of Siliguri’s Regulated Market will be closed for 7 days as a containment measure.

Following this, the task force officials, on Friday morning, held a meeting at the Siliguri State Guest House, where a decision regarding the formation of a new committee was made which will help monitor various markets in Siliguri. Sonam Wangdi Bhutia, the Commissioner of Siliguri Municipal Corporation, has been appointed as the Chairman of the committee.

After the meeting, the DM Ponnambalam stated that new guidelines will be provided to the market authorities in view of the current situation and trade must be conducted henceforth following the issued guidelines.

The DM further stated that a team will also be formed in different gram panchayat blocks, which will look after the containment areas and deliver essential commodities to the people residing in those areas.

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