Neighbourly dispute leads to man’s death and two others injured in Cooch Behar

Cooch Behar, 10th January: In a horrifying turn of events, a minor dispute between two neighbours over the cutting of a bamboo tree escalated into a major brawl leading to a man’s death and injuries of two others. The incident took place in the Natabari village under the jurisdiction of the Tufanganj police station. The deceased has been identified as Tapan Das.

According to reports, on Wednesday morning, there was a heated argument between the families of neighbour Tapan Das and Akhil Das over the chopping of a bamboo tree. The argument escalated into a major altercation in no time and Akhil Das allegedly struck Tapan Das with a sharp weapon.

Following this, the injured Tapan Das was transported to the hospital where the doctors declared him dead. Meanwhile, the two others injured in the incident are currently undergoing treatment at the MJN Medical College and Hospital in Cooch Behar. Subsequently, the police arrived and arrested four individuals, including the accused Akhil Das. The matter is under further investigation.

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