“Need for a transformation in WB’s education,” says MP Raju Bista amid Chandrayaan Mission discussion in Parliament

On Thursday, Member of Parliament Raju Bista took the opportunity during the discussion on the Chandrayaan Mission to reflect on India’s illustrious scientific history and express gratitude to the dedicated scientists, engineers, and ISRO staff who have consistently made the nation proud.

In his address to Parliament, MP Raju Bista traced the impressive trajectory of India’s space research efforts. He underscored the significant contributions made by scientists hailing from West Bengal, specifically mentioning Nirupam Sharma from Mirik in Darjeeling, Anuj Nandi from Islampur in North Dinajpur, and Kaushik Nag of Jalpaiguri, among others. These individuals have played vital roles in the success of ISRO and are representative of the state’s rich scientific and academic tradition.

Bista, however, expressed concerns about the future of science and education in West Bengal. He lamented the state’s declining academic standards and the challenges faced by universities, including the absence of regular Vice Chancellors, delayed payments to teachers, and questionable hiring practices.

He emphasized the need for a transformation in West Bengal’s education landscape, aiming to return the state to its former glory as a hub for scientific achievement rather than being associated with negative elements.

“Instead of being recognised for great scientists like in the past, today West Bengal is known for Bombs, Arms, Corruption and Appeasement.
I am hopeful that soon, this regression and negative practice by West Bengal Government will change, so that we will be able to produce more scientists, engineers, astronauts who will one day take India to the stars,” the MP wrote in his statement.

In closing, MP Raju Bista conveyed optimism that with positive changes and reforms, West Bengal would once again produce scientists, engineers, and astronauts capable of leading India to new heights, even among the stars.

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