NBMCH doctor speaks on the PPE issue

Siliguri, 31st March: Amid the novel coronavirus outbreak, chaos could be witnessed at the North Bengal Medical College and Hospital since Monday.
The medical staff were allegedly provided with raincoats, sunglasses and masks made of bedsheets instead of PPEs (Personal Protective Equipments). The PPE includes N-95 masks, gloves, gown, goggles or face-shield and footwear. Situation worsened after a COVID-19 positive patient, who was undergoing treatment at the hospital, died in the wee hours of Monday.

A NBMCH medical staff of the state-run hospital, Dr. Shahriar Alam, stated that the staff met with the MSVP (Medical Superintendent cum Vice Principal) who told them that there was no supply of PPEs at the hospital and that a requisition had been sent. He further alleged that when the medical workers pressurised the MSVP, they were asked not come for duty.
The doctor further claimed that the staff were given a packet of raincoat and sunglasses. And were told to wash the raincoat and reuse.

(Internet inputs)

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