Naxalbari Panchayat Samiti extended assistance to workers of Bagdogra’s Tirhana Tea Estate

Bagdogra, 13th January: The Naxalbari Panchayat Samiti extended a helping hand to the workers of the Tirhana Tea Estate of Bagdogra. Notably, the tea estate has been closed for about two months which resulted in several difficulties for the workers.

As per reports, on Saturday, mosquito nets were distributed among 500 workers under the auspices of Naxalbari Panchayat Samiti. Additionally, arrangements have been made for admission of students to the schools along with water service and medicines and ambulance in the health sector.

Naxalbari Panchayat Samiti President Anand Ghosh stated that the government is holding a meeting with the owners to reopen the tea garden, in the presence of the officials of Naxalbari Panchayat Samiti, Upa Pradhan of Upper and Lower Bagdogra and others officials.

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