Multiple concerns raised as market complex worth crores in Rajganj’s Fatapukur transformed into a crumbling structure

Rajganj, 09th February: The multi-crore market complex in Fatapukur of Rajganj has transformed into a hotspot of anti-social activities such as liquor consumption. Reportedly, various items, including liquor bottles, are found inside the market complex, sparking several concerns.

According to reports, the market complex was established during the rule of CPIM in the state at an estimated budget worth crores. Local vendors claimed the complex was created many years ago after a significant investment. After the Panchayat Samiti announced that spots in the market complex would be allocated among the traders, several businessmen applied for them. However, despite a prolonged time, no businessman had settled in that market complex. As a result, the local businessmen raised concerns as to why the spots in the market were not allocated.

In this regard, Panikauri Gram Panchayat Pradhan Papiya Sarkar stated that after assuming the position as the Panchayat Pradhan, the Duare Sarkar’s camp was created in the location. It was then that the issue came to light and the subject was considered at the local panchayat meeting. She further mentioned meeting with the panchayat association and BDO to apply for the renovation of the market complex and distribution among the traders.

On the other hand, Rajganj Panchayat Samiti President Rupali Dey Sarkar stated that the market complex was established during the rule of the CPIM party and was currently crumbling down. However, the spots will be repaired and distributed among the traders soon after the allocation of funds.

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