MP Raju Bista urged Railway Minister to run Darjeeling Mail from NJP

Siliguri, 17th August: The Ministry of Railways had earlier ordered Darjeeling Mail to run from Haldibari instead of NJP starting from 15th August. The decision taken by the authorities gathered many protests from various organisations and political parties. Darjeeling MP Raju Bista spoke on this matter too. 

MP Bista arrived at the Bagdogra airport from Delhi today and talked on this matter. He stated that the decision of running the Darjeeling Mail from Haldibari instead of NJP has left people disappointed and also hurt their sentiments. He added that along with the people of Darjeeling, the citizens of Siliguri has a sentiment value associated with Darjeeling Mail. 

MP further added that he did not know about this before. When the matter was brought to his notice, he met the Railway Minister and talked about the issue. He added that he talked to the Minister about the sentiments associated with the people with the Darjeeling Mail. He further suggested the Minister to have a separate train arranged for the people of Haldibari, but Darjeeling Mail should run like before leaving from NJP. He further said he hopes for a better result and the Railway Minister abides by his demand. At the same time, he added that soon three new trains will be announced from Siliguri. A superfast train named Vande Bharat will run from NJP to Delhi. Another train will soon commence from Sevoke. He also assured all kinds of possible steps for development to be taken by the government.

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