Monthly board meeting in Siliguri Municipal Corporation organized

Siliguri, 28th January: The first monthly board meeting of the year 2020 was held, on Tuesday, in the Siliguri Municipal Corporation.

The Trinamool Congress presented a proposal opposing NRC, CAA, and NPR at the monthly board meeting. Municipal Corporation Mayor Ashok Bhattacharya supported the proposal and asked for further discussions to be held. Opposing this, Councillor Khushboo Mittal boycotted the monthly board meeting in support of the NRC, CAA, and NPR. Towards the end of the meeting, the Trinamool Congress Councillors also boycotted the meeting, alleging discrimination. They alleged that the Municipal Corporation is conducting development work in their Wards with the fund allocated by the State Government, while the other Wards are still not developed.

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