Mohun Bagan Day celebrations cancelled in view of Bengal’s lockdown

Siliguri, 27th July: July 29 marks the Mohun Bagan Day. However, the celebration has been postponed by the Siliguri Mariners Fans’ Club on account of Bengal’s weekly lockdown.

Nevertheless, commemorating the auspicious day, President of the Siliguri Mariners Fans’ Club, Debajyoti Biswas, stated that jerseys and footballs will be handed over to 10 football coaching centres in Siliguri. Also, the North Bengal representative of the Mohun Bagan Club Arup Majumder has extended a helping hand in this regard.

Mohun Bagan Day is being celebrated each year since 29 July 2001 in honour of Mohun Bagan’s victory over East Yorkshire Regiment in the 1911 IFA Shield Final.

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