Missing boy returns home after a month in Siliguri

Siliguri, 31st July: A month of anxious wait finally ended in tears of joy for the parents as they were reunited with their missing son. On June 27, 13-year-old Gaurav Saha had left home to visit a friend’s house but never returned. Despite his father Nandan Saha’s exhaustive search efforts and a police complaint, there was no trace of him for a whole month. However, the long-awaited moment arrived on July 30 when the father finally found his son and brought him back home.

Upon returning, Gaurav revealed the events that transpired during his absence. He recounted that on June 27, he had gone to Siliguri Junction with a friend, where some people picked him up and took him to a hotel in Fulbari. Gaurav then managed to escape from there along with a hotel employee and sought refuge at the employee’s residence in the North Bengal Medical area for a couple of days. Unfortunately, during this time, a mishap occurred while cooking, resulting in burns on a part of Gaurav’s body.

In need of medical attention, Gaurav was admitted to Siliguri District Hospital. It was here that he saw an opportunity to reach out to his family. He used someone’s phone to call home and conveyed the entire ordeal. Upon receiving the call, the family members rushed to the hospital and brought Gaurav back with them.

According to Nandan Saha, Gaurav’s father, the reunion was made possible after the distressing incident at the hospital. The family is immensely relieved and overjoyed to have their son back after a long and worrisome 1 month and 4 days.

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