Miscreants vandalize the Ganesh Puja pandal in Bagdogra, investigations underway

Rajganj, 04th September: A commotion arose when a case of miscreants attacking the Gonsaipur Business Society Ganesh Puja pandal in Bagdogra came to the fore. Reportedly, after the cultural program of puja on Saturday, some miscreants entered the pavilion and vandalized the idol.

It is alleged that along with vandalizing the pavilion, all things including fans have been destroyed. A complaint has been filed in Bagdogra Police Station on behalf of the Puja Committee as soon as the information about this incident was received this morning.

Later, Bagdogra police reached the spot and started investigating the entire case. The puja organizers said that the attack was carried out by miscreants and demanded strict action to be taken against those involved in the incident.

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