Miscreants set fire to makeshift bridge over Dahuk River in Rajganj, residents face immense trouble

Rajganj, 13th December: Miscreants allegedly set fire to a makeshift bridge over Dahuk River, which was apparently the only means of communication for the residents of the Sannyasikata area. Locals demanded immediate construction of a new bridge.

Reportedly, a bamboo bridge was built over the Dahuk River near the Indo-Bangladesh border of Sannyasikata gram panchayat in Rajganj. The residents of Chaturagachh, Jummagachh, Dilugachh, Koarbari, and Nabgram villages used this bridge for their daily commute for the past 20 years.

Allegedly, a group of miscreants set fire to the bridge late at night. The agitated residents demanded the immediate construction of a new bridge.

In this regard, Trinamool Anchal chairman Mokshed Alam said that the locals have demanded a paved bridge in the Chaturagachh area for a long time. Furthermore, Rajganj MLA Khageshwar Roy has been taking initiatives to build the bridge through North Bengal Development Department. However, as the locals are facing immense problems at the moment, Mokshed Alam assured to inform the MLA to take immediate action.

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