Minor girl escapes from the clutches of kidnappers in Bagdogra

Bagdogra, 21st December: A 12-year-old girl student dodged the clutches of kidnappers and escaped from their ill intentions. Stir ensued in the area of Bagdogra after the incident.



Reportedly, a minor, student of a private school in Gonsaipur, Bagdogra was returning home in a Toto. Allegedly, when the girl was sitting in the Toto, two miscreants made her unconscious, tied her mouth, and kidnapped her. After opening her eyes, she saw that she was kept in a dark room and threatened with a knife. But she bravely faced the miscreants without fear and fled away by biting one of their hands and returned home safe and sound.


The girl and her family members are alarmed due to the whole incident. The family members of the girl student have lodged a written complaint at the Bagdogra police station. Based on the complaint, the police are probing the entire incident.

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