Memorandum submitted to ADRM demanding resumption of train services

Siliguri, 14th September: The Eastern Himalayan Travel and Tours Operators Association, on Monday, submitted a memorandum to the ADRM at NJP station with a demand to resume train services before Durga Puja concerning the growth in the tourism industry.

Reportedly, the tour operators have demanded to resume services for Darjeeling Mail, Padatik Express, and Uttarbanga Express before Durga Puja.

The association members stated that even though the tourist centers have resumed operations gradually, people are unable to travel as sufficient trains are not available at the moment. Therefore, apart from the special trains, they demanded to resume services of the said three trains on an emergency basis.

Organization President Debashis Maitra stated that several people from the hills are directly or indirectly involved with the tourism industry. Hence, apart from reopening tourist centers, train services should resume immediately, failing which people will face severe difficulties to earn a living in the coming days.

Reportedly, members of the Himalayan Hospitality Travel Development Network are constantly staging demonstrations in this regard.

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