Mayor Goutam Deb took stock of Haidarpara Market Complex 

Siliguri, 06th January: With the growing anti-social activities in the Haidarpara Market Complex which are slowly transpiring into a hub of immoral elements led the Siliguri Municipal Corporation to take initiative to restore the market complex. Today Siliguri’s Mayor Goutam Deb inspected the market complex. During this, Deputy Mayor Ranjan Sarkar, Mayor-Council Munna Prasad, and Manik Dey were present. 

During this, the mayor took stock of the market situation and interacted with the business people. The mayor said that there are several problems in the said market, but all the problems will be solved by January. The mayor further said that despite having stalls in the market complex, at present fish, vegetable and fruit markets are being set up elsewhere. Almost all the stalls in the market are empty. Due to this, anti-social actions are transpiring and thriving. 

On the other hand, Tapan Kumar Naha, Secretary of the Haidarpara Market Complex, said that there is a lack of security in the market, but the said problem will be solved only when all the shops will open. He requested to begin the market soon.

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