Mayor Goutam Deb took stock of construction work of Siliguri's Kiranchandra crematorium

Siliguri, 25th August: Siliguri’s Mayor Goutam Deb informed the reporters about the new renovation of Siliguri’s Kiranchandra Crematorium. He further stated that during the time of the Left, two electric furnaces were built at the said crematorium but over the course of time the charnel house had become dilapidated and worn out.

People coming to the crematorium ground had to stand in long queues to complete the last rites of their family causing inconvenience at such a difficult time. However, this time the Siliguri Municipal Corporation has planned to renovate the cremation ground at a cost of Rs 01 crore 21 lakhs. The work for the renovation has begun thus; Mayor Goutam Deb took a stock of the current constructions of the restoration of the crematorium.

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