Mayor Goutam Deb to enhance interactions in the upcoming 50th episode of ‘Talk to Mayor’

Siliguri, 05th August: In the 47th episode of ‘Talk to Mayor’, Siliguri Mayor Goutam Deb attentively addressed the concerns of 35 local residents of the city and announced his forthcoming appearance in the 50th episode.

During the session held on Saturday, the Mayor commended the success of the ‘Talk to Mayor’ program and conveyed his heartfelt appreciation to the public for their unwavering support. Numerous individuals took the opportunity to bring to the Mayor’s attention various brewing issues in their respective areas, and he assured them that these matters would be thoroughly investigated and addressed.

It’s worth noting that similar programs had been initiated in the past, but unfortunately, they had to be discontinued due to their lack of effectiveness. In light of this, the Mayor expressed his willingness to consider diverse suggestions that would enhance the program’s effectiveness and foster better connections with the public.

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