Matigara Police arrest two with with stolen jewellery and cannabis

Siliguri, 29th January: Two people identified as Nur Muhammad Khan (54) and Jahid Khan (49) both residents of Champaran, Bettiah, were arrested by the Matigara Police under SI Basudeb Guha with stolen jewellery.

On Thursday, the Matigara police while patrolling, spotted a suspicious Scorpio vehicle Number BR 06 PF 2691. They intercepted the vehicle and started questioning the occupants. The occupants smartly answered the questions and produced valid ID proofs also. However, the team still felt that there is something amiss and suspicious. They asked the occupants to show their place of stay. While taking them to their temporary rented accommodation by the police team and after reaching close to it the accused started to flee away. After a long and hot chase, the two persons were apprehended.

During the search, the police recovered a large number of gold and silver jewellery, lock breaking equipment, keys and cannabis. The landlord was rounded for questioning.

After the investigation, the mystery of the jewellery was solved. The owner of a jewellery shop named ‘The Gold House’ located near Tumbajote reported the stealing of the jewels. He stated that when he reached his shop he found that the lock of his shop was changed and found a lot of jewellery stolen. Receiving the news, the police immediately rushed to the spot and verified the whole matter. With the description of the jewellery and other shreds of evidence found in the CCTV footage, it established that the accused escaped the place after committing the crime.

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