Matigara police arrest four, including spa mistress, in theft case

Matigara, 20th May: The Matigara police station successfully apprehended four individuals, including the mistress of a spa located within a prominent mall in Matigara, in connection with a recent laptop theft case. Among the arrested are Chhem Lahmu Shilal, the spa’s owner, her lover Kiran, and Akash Tamang and Udit Rai. Chhem Lahmu Shilal, Akash, and Udit hail from Sikkim, while Kiran is reportedly a resident of Bagdogra.

The incident took place on May 17 when a laptop was stolen from the residence of Meghna Kar, a student residing in a rented house in the Ramakrishna Pally area under Matigara police station area. A complaint was filed at the Matigara police station on May 18. Acting swiftly, the police initiated an investigation, leading to the arrest of Akash Tamang. During interrogation, Akash revealed that he would hand over the stolen laptops to Udit Rai, who would then sell them to Chhem Lahmu Shilal, the spa owner, for a meagre sum of Rs 2,000. Surprisingly, Chhem Lahmu Shilal would then provide the stolen laptop to her lover.

This revelation stunned the police, who uncovered a series of recent thefts involving the spa owner. The accused were presented before the Siliguri court, where the police sought their remand. The authorities are conducting a thorough investigation into the entire matter.

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