Matigara Kadamtala residents stage protest demanding proper drainage system

Siliguri, 22nd July: The problem of water-logging with the advent of monsoon has become a common concern for the residents of Siliguri. Besides, a poor drainage system adds to their everyday struggle. Agitated by the situation, the locals of Matigara Kadamtala area staged a protest today by blocking the Asian Highway-2.

As per the report, the residents of the aforementioned area have been facing various problems for the past 5 years. According to them, during the monsoon season, several people are left stranded and helpless as the rainwater enters their houses due to the poor drainage system.

Allegedly, numerous complaints have also been reported concerning the presence of snakes and frogs in the accumulated rainwater. The locals alleged that despite reporting the matter to the local panchayat, SDO, BDO and other officials several times, no necessary step has been taken yet.

The protestors warned of staging larger demonstrations in the future if their demands are not met soon.

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