Massive thunderstorms lashed across Rajganj block

Rajganj, 22nd April: The entire Rajganj block suffered severe damages including the falling of electric poles, uprooting of trees after massive thunderstorms lashed across the block. Electricity services have been disrupted in many areas following the incident and the power supply has been cut off. Meanwhile, the electricity department is working on resuming the power supply.

Reportedly, the thunderstorm started at around 10:30 am. Several trees fell in various areas of the block including Bhutkihat, Fulbari, Majhiali, Sannyasikata, Panikauri, Sukani Gram Panchayat area. Some houses and fields have been damaged due to the unprecedented storm.

In this regard, a resident named Harikrishna Nandi said that electric poles and wires have snapped at various places. He further said that he had never seen such a storm before.

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