Markets to be closed for one day instead of two days in Rajganj

Rajganj, 29 January: Various markets of Rajganj will now be closed for one day instead of two days. The decision comes after a meeting held in the Rajganj Police station premises with the police, administration and businessman. The Rajganj BDO Pankaj Konar, Rajganj police station's IC Pankaj Sarkar, and representatives of local business were also present.

Given the rising graph of the covid cases, the authority had previously decided that the market and the shops will remain closed on Mondays and Fridays. After the meeting, the decision has changed from two days to one day.

BDO Pankaj Sarkar stated that the Pagla Haat will remain closed on Tuesday, Pradhan Para and Bhola Para on Wednesday and Rajganj, Kalinagar, Fatapukur, Magardangi, Sariam, and Bhutkihat on Friday.
He further stated that this decision might differ after observing the scenario.

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