Man survives Sikkim flood by clinging onto a tree overnight, loses all three children in flash flood

Siliguri, 06th October: A picture has gone viral on social media displaying a man desperately clinging onto a tree to survive the disastrous flood of the Teesta River. As the picture garnered attention, people prayed for the well-being of all the victims impacted by the flood. However, the man in the picture lost all three of his children in the Teesta River.

According to reports, Muhammad Muktar, a resident of Ward No. 4 of Maharaja Colony, resided in Sikkim’s Rangpo with his three children for work while his wife had left for Bihar. On the night of the disaster, Muktar was sleeping with his kids when he woke up to the screams of his neighbors. To his surprise, he discovered that his entire house was submerged in water. When he opened the door, he didn’t get the chance to bring his children out as the entire house was immediately engulfed by the Teesta River.

Muktar quickly managed to scale across the water and survived by climbing onto the tree. Meanwhile, he helplessly witnessed his children getting swept away by the flood water. The following day he was rescued. However, to his dismay, the deceased body of his son was recovered on Wednesday afternoon. Upon arriving in Siliguri, on Thursday, Muktar completed the funeral rites of his son while his two daughters remained missing. At present, Muktar mournfully dwelled as he recalled the events of that dreadful night.

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