Man nurtures abandoned puppies after stray mother dies in road accident in Fulbari

Fulbari, 26th November: In the midst of an ongoing uproar in Siliguri over the poisoning of stray dogs, Fulbari provided a glimpse of pure humanity. Sunil Kapri, a professional truck driver from Gujarat, is looking after nine stray puppies after their mother perished in a road accident. The news surfaced from the area adjacent to the Fulbari bypass truck terminal.

As per reports, the stray puppies were born in the said area around a month ago. Not long after their birth, the mother dog was killed in a road accident. Following this, Sunil Kapri took upon to look after the abandoned puppies and fed them milk and biscuits for one month every day. Furthermore, despite being a vegetarian himself, Sunil purchased meat for the puppies and gave it to a tea store owner to prepare it to feed the puppies.

Additionally, he has also constructed a house out of hay, clothing, and boxes to shelter the puppies in the cold nights. His extraordinary actions were well-acknowledged by everyone.

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