Man crushed to death after tree falls during storm in Jalpaiguri

Jalpaiguri, 31st March: A tragic incident occurred in Jalpaiguri as a man lost his life after being crushed under a tree uprooted due to a storm in the Senpara area of Jalpaiguri.

According to reports, the region experienced a sudden and intense storm accompanied by heavy rainfall in the afternoon. The powerful storm caused extensive damage, with numerous trees collapsing along the roadside. Additionally, the storm’s force was so severe that it blew away tin roofs from houses and shops. The impact of the storm was felt significantly on the Rangdhamali Road, leading to a complete halt in traffic from Goshala More in Jalpaiguri after a tree fell.

Tragically, a person lost his life in Senpara when a tree toppled due to the intense storm. Upon receiving news of the incident, officials from the Disaster Management Department arrived at the scene and retrieved the body of the deceased.

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