Man critically injured in electrocution in Fulbari

Rajganj, 22nd May: A truck driver's assistant sustained serious injures after he came in contact with a live wire at a pig farm. The incident surfaced from Jiaganj More of Fulbari this morning.

As per the driver of the truck Anil Kumar, the duo travelled from Haryana to deliver pigs in the farm at Fulbari's Jiaganj More under Rajganj block. The unfortunate incident happened when his assistant climbed on top of the truck to unload the pigs and accidentally came in contact with the 11 thousand volts electric wire passing over the farm.

After the incident, the injured was rushed to a private hospital in Siliguri. Akash Singh, the manager of the pig farm, said that the drivers coming to the farm are repeatedly alerted about the electric wire, but such accidents are happening due to negligence.

He added that an application will be submitted to the power supply department to remove the cables. It is to be noted, a similar incident took place last month.

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