Man claiming to be Ward No. 47 Councilor’s nephew accused of embezzling over Rs 30 lakhs, detained in Siliguri

Siliguri, 29th July: Deepak Saha, who is claimed to be the nephew of Ward No. 47 Councilor Amar Ananda Das, has been accused of cheating innocent people in the name of a jewelry company. Police detained Deepak Saha during a women’s protest in connection with the case.

It has been reported that a few years ago, Deepak Saha established an organization where women were recruited to work. These women would visit people’s homes and encourage them to open accounts with the company, promising various schemes and benefits. More than 10,000 people in Siliguri deposited over Rs 30 lakh into Deepak Saha’s company. However, he suddenly closed the company and fled, leaving the depositors in distress.

Women agents, who were working for the company, lodged a written complaint against Deepak Saha at the Pradhan Nagar police station. Recently, these agents learned that Deepak Saha was at the residence of Ward No. 47 Councilor Amar Ananda Das, said to be his maternal uncle. This led to a commotion, and the police intervened, taking Deepak Saha into custody. Women agents have appealed to the police to take strict action against Deepak Saha and ensure the return of the embezzled money to the depositors.

Meanwhile, Councilor Amar Ananda Das clarified that while he is addressed as “Mama” by people in his ward, not everyone is related to him. He mentioned that Deepak Saha used to reside in his ward but claimed to have no further knowledge about him.

The case has garnered attention due to its association with the ward councillor, and the police are conducting further investigations to address the allegations of fraud and bring justice to the affected individuals.

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