Man charged with father’s murder arrested in Siliguri

Siliguri, 19th April: Ashighar Out Post police arrested a man identified as Gautam Saha for allegedly killing his 90-year-old father Manoranjan Saha. The incident surfaced from Siliguri’s North Sukanta Nagar area under Ward No. 38.

According to the report, Manoranjan Saha was a drunkard and often used to roam around the said area intoxicated. Locals have also alleged that his son, Gautam Saha, also is a drug addict. Apparently, a family member saw Manoranjan Saha’s body lying on the verandah of the house. The ward councillor and police were immediately informed of the matter. 

The officials of Ashighar Out Post reached the spot and took Gautam Saha into custody. According to police sources, Gautam Saha had hit his father on the head with a heavy object on Monday night itself, due to which Manoranjan Saha died. 

Meanwhile, ward councillor Dulal Dutta reached the area as soon as he received news of the incident. He also alleged that both father and son were known for substance abuse. And that scuffles and arguments often broke into the house.

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