Man arrested for vandalizing ATM near Siliguri’s Biswadeep cinema hall during robbery attempt

Siliguri, 10th December: Pradhan Nagar police arrested a man for vandalizing the ATM during a robbery attempt. The arrested has been identified as Mudit Bothra of Sikkim.

According to the information, Mudit Bothra entered the ATM near Biswadeep Cinema Hall on Thursday night with the intention of robbing. The accused allegedly vandalized the ATM after pulling down its shutter. But before he could carry out the crime, the security alarm of the ATM went off and Mudit Bothra fled away from the scene.

Upon receiving the news, the Pradhan Nagar police jumped into action. With the help of CCTV footage, the accused was identified and arrested from the Junction area within a few hours from the incident.

According to the police, accused Mudit Bothra came out of the ATM wearing a fake wig to mislead the police. The accused was presented before the Siliguri court today.

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