Man arrested for killing wife with a Khukuri in Banarhat

Banarhat, 17th July: In a horrifying incident, a man attacked and killed his wife with a khukuri, a type of machete. The news surfaced from the Lakhipara Tea Garden Godam line area under Banarhat police station.

The accused has been identified as Dheeraj Kami, a resident of the said area. Nita Rasailly (deceased wife) and Dheeraj Kami married each other 18 years ago.

According to sources, the body of the accused’s wife was recovered from their residence. Allegedly, Dheeraj killed his wife and fled away from the scene. However, the Dhupguri police managed to catch hold of the accused.

A complaint has also been lodged against Dheeraj on behalf of his wife's family members. Police have launched an investigation into the whole incident.

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