Man arrested for engaging in physical relations with a minor under false pretext of marriage in Siliguri

Siliguri, 24th November: In a shocking incident, a young individual was apprehended for engaging in physical relations with a minor under the guise of marriage in Siliguri. The incident surfaced from the Gulma area of Siliguri under the jurisdiction of the Pradhan Nagar police station. The accused has been identified as Rahul Bharadwaj.

According to reports, the accused got involved in a romantic relationship with the minor at a juvenile age in 2019 and repeatedly engaged in intimacy under the false promise of marriage. Later, when the minor urged the accused for marriage, he allegedly declined. Following this, on Thursday, the minor filed a formal complaint at the Siliguri Mahila police station accusing Rahul of sexually assaulting her under the deception of marriage.

Subsequently, the officials of Siliguri Mahila Police Station with the assistance of the Pradhan Nagar Police Station initiated an investigation into the matter. The accused Rahul Bharadwaj was arrested based on the complaint. On Friday, the police registered a case against the accused under the POSCO (Protection of Children from Sexual Offences) Act and presented him in the Siliguri court. At present, the entire incident is under a detailed investigation.

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