Man arrested for deceiving lover with false promise of marriage and cheating in Siliguri

Siliguri, 18th July: A distressing incident has surfaced from the Rabindra Nagar area of Siliguri where a 26-year-old woman filed a written complaint alleging infidelity against her lover in the Women’s Police Station of Siliguri Metropolitan Police last night. The accused man has been identified as Deepjyoti Chowdhary.

As per reports, in 2015, the young woman had met the aforementioned accused when their initial encounter eventually turned to love. During the course of their relationship, Deepjyoti pledged to marry her by the year 2023 after he was fully independent. Meanwhile, Deepjyoti continued to fornicate with her under false claims of love. Consequently, the woman was impregnated. When she began to insist on getting married, Deepjyoti allegedly started cheating on her. 

Additionally, the woman claimed that after learning of her pregnancy, Deepjyoti forcibly had her aborted. Following this, the accused began to separate himself from her. Further, two of his companions threatened her in various ways to avoid interfering with Deepjyoti’s life.

As a result, the woman lodged a written complaint in the police station and Deepjyoti was taken into custody last night based on the accusation. He was produced before the Siliguri court today. The police of the Women’s Police Station are probing the entire matter.

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