Man arrested for allegedly killing son over land dispute in Cooch Behar

Cooch Behar, 02nd April: A distressing incident came to light from Andaran Singimari of Sitai Brahmattar Chhatra in Cooch Behar where a father allegedly killed his son. The incident occurred on Tuesday morning leading to a widespread commotion in the area. The deceased son has been identified as Ramakrishna Ravidas.

Local sources revealed that the accused father Chandradev Ravidas is survived by five sons. All of them lived separately; however Ramakrishna lived with his father. On this day in the morning, Ramakrishna’s body was found in a blood-soaked condition. Reportedly, a land dispute had emerged between the father and the son.

The preliminary analysis of the police indicates that the murder might have occurred due to the land dispute. However, the family members are clueless regarding the circumstances leading to the incident.

Meanwhile, the cops of Sitai police station arrived at the spot, recovered the deceased body and transported it to Mathabhanga Hospital for a post-mortem examination. Additionally, the police have arrested the accused father in the connection to the case. Currently, the police are engaged in a detailed investigation of the incident.

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