Mamata Banerjee should immediately get up from the wheelchair: Dilip Ghosh

Siliguri, 07th April: BJP state president Dilip Ghosh after he arrived at Bagdogra airport addressed the media and made sharp comments on Trinamool chief Mamata Banerjee before he left for Kumargram.

After a purported video of Mamata Banerjee shaking her plastered leg while sitting in a wheelchair surfaced, BJP was quick to react to it and raised doubts about Banerjee's injured leg. They accused Banerjee of "playing up her injuries to win sympathy" in the election.

Likewise, Dilip Ghosh stated that Mamata Banerjee should immediately get up from the wheelchair to fight the election steadily. He mocked her and stated that once the election is over, she will definitely get up from the wheelchair, but after May 02, she will have no power over her ‘chair’.

In view of the allegations made by TMC regarding central forces influencing people to vote for BJP, he said that the Trinamool had earlier won the elections twice in the presence of central forces. And this time, as soon as the central forces arrived at the state, the women greeted them with flowers. Hence, the party is making baseless allegations fearing losing the elections.

It is to be noted that Prime Minister Narendra Modi during a recent public meeting addressed Mamata Banerjee as 'Didi O Didi'. TMC alleged that the tone in which Modi addressed was very disrespectful towards the CM. In this regard, Ghosh said that ‘Didi’ is a respectable word and that the PM had referred to Banerjee as 'Didi' in the past too.

Dilip Ghosh further said that when a person is not feeling well, even the good things does not make them feel better. Similarly, the troubled TMC is not being able to listen to ‘good words’.

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