Mahananda River embankment collapses, Kala Basti residents face difficulties

Siliguri, 28th July: Following a heavy downpour, the water level of the Mahananda River has increased alarmingly. Several parts of the embankment across the river adjacent to Noukaghat have been inundated. As a result, the movement of boats has been disrupted.

Reportedly, more than a thousand people live in Kala Basti, which is situated on the other side of the Mahananda river. For them, boats are the only reliable means of transportation. However, as the movement of boats has been restricted, the locals are facing a lot of difficulties.

Tapan Saha, a local boatman, stated that a large part of the embankment, starting from Noukaghat, has been badly damaged. He further urged the government to take immediate steps for repairment.

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