Mahananda Bachao Committee and SMC conflict over Mahananda river

Siliguri, 16th July: A few days ago, the Mahananda Bachao Committee filed a case at the Green Tribunal alleging that the administration is not keeping an eye on the rise in Mahananda river’s pollution level and the encroachment of the river embankment. The committee members said that reports have been sought from various departments during the case hearing.

On Friday, Jyotsna Agarwal, general secretary of the Mahananda Bachao Committee, said that the embankments of Mahananda river are being occupied. Discussions are being held regarding permanent construction. “The pollution levels of the river is also increasing. We have been fighting for a long time to save the river. We also filed a case at the Green Tribunal a few days ago. During the case hearing, various departments were asked to submit a report on the steps taken to save the river,” she added.

On the other hand, it was alleged by the committee that SMC had taken several other initiatives including parking on the riverbank in Suryasen Park. Regarding this, SMC administrator Goutam Deb said, “I don’t have to take lessons from anyone about rivers and nature. It has been planned to build roads and beautify the premises near the river.”

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