Lorries collided on Asian Highway-2 at Bagdogra

Bagdogra, 02nd June: A tragic incident unfolded on Asian Highway 2 in Kestopur, Bagdogra, when a lorry collided with another lorry that was parked on the side of the road, loaded with tea leaves. The collision resulted in numerous bags of tea leaves spilling onto the road.

According to reports, the accident took place late Thursday night. Upon receiving the news, the Bagdogra police promptly arrived at the scene. They immediately initiated the rescue operation, successfully rescuing the injured lorry driver. He was swiftly transported to Bagdogra Hospital but later referred to the North Bengal Medical College and Hospital for further medical attention.

Meanwhile, with the assistance of a crane, the police managed to recover both lorries involved in the collision. However, the incident has raised questions about the parked lorry, as the Asian Highway is designated as a no-parking zone.

One thought on “Lorries collided on Asian Highway-2 at Bagdogra

  1. Shubho says:

    Siliguri traffic police is a joke. Anyone can drive however they want to. Anyone can park on the highway and even drive on the wrong side

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