Loco pilot pulls emergency brakes to save elephant crossing railway tracks in Kalchini

Kalchini, 30th November: The timely action of a loco pilot saved the life of a wild tusker crossing the railway tracks in the Rajabhatkhawa area of Kalchini block.

According to reports, the wild elephant unexpectedly appeared in front of Down Train No. 13150 in the Rajabhatkhawa area. Fortunately, the loco pilot spotted the elephant crossing the railway track and put the train to a halt by pulling the emergency brake thus saving the life of the animal.

Following this, the elephant returned deep into the forest and the train headed towards its scheduled destination. It should be noted that in recent news three wild elephants were tragically killed in the railway tracks. However, in this incident, the vigilance of the loco pilot saved the life of the wild elephant.

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