Locals upset due to dilapidated Matigara Hospital Road and waterlogging

Siliguri, 03rd September: Matigara Hospital Road has been lying in a dilapidated condition for a long time. Whereas due to the incessant rains these days water logging has become a common sight in the potholes formed in the middle of the roads. Despite such problems, the administration is not paying attention to this making it difficult for proper commute among the locals and the vehicles.

The locals expressed their anger and anguish over the said problem. They alleged that the road under Matigara No. 2 Gram Panchayat is in dilapidated condition for about six months. Poor quality materials are served in the name of repair and development. Adding to woes, the Matigara Block Hospital falls on this route which is a common route for hundreds of patients to commute daily. This dilapidated road has become a nuisance for the patients as well making it difficult for them to reach the hospital. 

Due to the deteriorated road, many times E-Rickshaw (toto) drivers and bicyclists have become victims of accidents. The locals alleged that party leaders had promised a solution to the road problem before the panchayat elections only to be forgotten when they are elected. The locals are seen worried about the construction and repair of the said road.

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