Locals upset about Nawapara’s dilapidated road turned into a pond 

Siliguri, 07th September: The condition of the road in the Nawapara area adjacent to Gora More under the NJP police station has been in a dilapidated state for a long time. The road has further ramshackle and now has turned into a pond due to which people and the locals are facing problems commuting. 

The road condition gets worse during rains. Most vehicles face extreme problems as they get submerged underwater. Locals alleged that their demand was not paid any heed to as no initiatives have been taken despite repeated complaints and demands regarding the situation of the road.

In this regard, the drivers said that the said road has been in a poor condition for a long time. No initiative has been taken to repair it. They further added that Canal Road can be easily reached through the said road. The locals and the drivers demanded road repair at the earliest.

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