Locals troubled by stench due to dumping of waste in an area adjacent to Fatapukur bus stand

Rajganj, 21st November: The locals as well as shopkeepers are distressed by the stench from an area adjacent to the Fatapukur bus stand following the uncontrolled dumping of waste.

According to reports, the locals alleged that the roadside of the national highway has been filled with garbage for almost a year. Consequently, the foul odour is spreading to the adjacent areas affecting the business as customers are unable to enter the shops.

Speaking in this regard, the Pradhan of Panikauri Gram Panchayat Papiya Sarkar stated the issue to be a matter of concern for the people of Fatapukur. She added that the waste is being dumped along the roadside resulting in foul odour. Furthermore, she stated that she had already alerted the people of its harmful effects, and the matter would be discussed with the block administration to resolve the issue.

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