Locals stage road blockade at Baribasha VIP Road demanding road reform

Siliguri, 21st November: The Baribasha VIP Road is once again under fire for its dilapidated condition. Locals staged a road blockade on the road in Dabgram-II adjacent to Siliguri urging immediate repair work.

According to reports, the Baribasha VIP Road has been in a dilapidated condition for a prolonged period. As a result, locals, drivers, and pedestrians face several difficulties commuting on the route. The locals have repeatedly staged road blockades in the area demanding repair work due to the frequent accidents on the road. Following that, the SJDA pledged to rehabilitate the road. However, no such initiative has been taken to resolve the problem. Compounding the issue, the dust billowing from the road has caused several problems for the commuters.

Consequently, on Tuesday, the locals blocked the road on both sides in yet another act of protest. Following this, the NJP police were informed of the incident. The police rushed to the scene and lifted the blockade after two hours. Local residents freed the road after police intervention and assurance. On the other hand, SJDA Chairman Sourav Chakraborty did not respond to the issue despite being informed.

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