Locals protest against filthy factory water inundating residences in Thakur Nagar

Siliguri, 13th July:  Residents of Thakur Nagar voiced their grievances on Thursday, alleging that contaminated water from a nearby factory had entered their households. The locals staged a protest by locking the factory gate in response to the issue. According to sources, heavy rainfall caused a portion of the wall of a liquor factory in the Thakur Nagar area, under the Dabgram-Fulbari assembly, to collapse on Wednesday night. As a result, the contaminated water from the factory seeped into the homes of the area’s residents, causing significant distress.

Reports indicate that the affected locals claimed that the contaminated water had entered their wells, resulting in a foul odour. They also expressed concerns about potential skin diseases due to exposure to polluted water. Despite bringing the issue to the attention of the factory owner and management, the matter remained unaddressed, according to the residents. Consequently, they resorted to a prolonged protest by locking the gates of the factory.

Upon learning about the protest, the NJP police promptly arrived at the scene and managed to control the situation. However, there has been no response from the factory owner when contacted regarding the matter.

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