Locals’ persistence pays off, road repair underway after protest held in Rajganj

Rajganj, 04th August: Two days ago, the villagers took a decisive step by blocking the road to demand its repair, and their persistence has finally yielded results as repair work on the road is now in progress. The road, stretching about 4 km and connecting Rajganj Rural Hospital and Pani Kauri More via Manuagach in Rajganj, had been in a deteriorated state for an extended period.

Despite the villagers’ repeated attempts to draw attention to the road’s condition and their pleas for repairs, their efforts had previously gone unanswered. Consequently, the poor state of the road led to frequent road accidents in the vicinity. On Wednesday morning, the local people began their protest in the Kamarpara area by obstructing the road with tree branches, reiterating their demand for road repairs. Furthermore, they erected a roadblock at Harihar School More, located between Hati More and the Ambari state highway. The situation escalated, resulting in prolonged traffic congestion.

In response to the situation, the authorities from the Ambari Outpost police and officials from the BDO office of Rajganj swiftly intervened after receiving the news. Following discussions and assurances, the villagers agreed to lift the road blockade. As an initial step, the road is currently being leveled by filling significant potholes with stones. This temporary measure aims to alleviate traffic issues and create smoother passage.

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