Locals demand to preserve and beautify Rajganj’s Maharaja Dighi

Rajganj, 06th September: The locals demanded government surveillance into the beautification of the historic Maharaja Dighi in Rajganj’s Kalinagar area.

The presumably 100 years old dighi (pond) is a source of numerous myths in the area.

One such claims that the trees surrounding the 40 acres of the dighi do not shed leaves and the lake water remains clean throughout the entire year.

As per the information, Late Santosh Kumar Jha, a resident of Rajganj used to look after the lake earlier.

Dhruv Kumar Jha, son of Late Santosh Kumar Jha, stated that he, too, does not know regarding the excavation of the lake, and claimed that the name ‘Maharaja Dighi’ has been derived from the name of a Maharaja. He further stated that every year in the month of Baishakh, a puja is organized in the lake and a 3-day fair is also held in this regard.

Ramkumar Mehta, a local, stated that all vows made by people in this temple get fulfilled. He maintained that earlier, the block administration was asked to take the responsibility of repairing and monitoring the pond.

In this context, Rajganj BDO NC Sherpa stated that Maharaja dighi is one of the historical ponds in Rajganj. To make it more attractive, plans are being made to convert it into a green picnic spot on behalf of the government.

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