Levee built over Mahananda River on the brink of collapse, panic among Bhanunagar locals

Siliguri, 13th June: Before the completion of the project, the levee being constructed on both sides of Mahananda River by the Irrigation Department is on the brink of collapse. 

As the area received heavy downpour yesterday, the levee located in the Bhanunagar area under Siliguri Municipal Corporation’s Ward No. 43 is on the verge of breaking down.

Residents of the area alleged that after submitting a number of requests to the Irrigation Department for the construction of a levee in the area, the project was finally started. But unfortunately, low-cost materials were allegedly used for the construction resulting in the levee crumbling down within just a year.

Meanwhile, the water level of the river has started to increase and the Monsoon has not yet begun. This has deeply troubled the locals. They accused the administration and the former Councilor Ragini Singh of paying no attention to the subject and of not taking any step to resolve the matter. 

However, when our correspondent tried to contact the former Ward No. 43 Councilor Ragini Singh in this regard, the former Ward Councilor refused to comment on it.

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